Athlete Membership $15

*Must be a student at one of the IME-TKD dojang member

*Must be in good standing with ime-tkd, femextkd and usat

Dojang Membership

membership Procedure

Click on the PayPal button of membership you are applying for then come back to page and click on red button of membership.

Step 1

Step 1

SRE & IME does not make themselves responsible and release themselves of all liabilities attached with these memberships.

Dojang Membership $50

*Must be at least a 2nd Dan Kukkiwon or 3rd Dan RNCN (restrictions apply)

*in order to have Official membership must have at least 5 Athlete members

*Must have a business permit with school name

Membership Director Vice President  Master Licenciado Antonio Cabrera

ME-TKD new representitave for 

Federaci√≥n Mexicana de Taekwondo in USA

athlete Membership

At this 2016 Mexico Nationals (Olimpiada Nacional) ME-TKD was given the responsibility and honor to represent Mexico Taekwondo Federation in the United States. This will make a stronger relationship between our 2 countries where we can communicate and work closely with high-level athletes.

The agreement took place this July 2016 at the Queretaro Centro de Congresos in Queretaro, Queretaro Mexico. With is agreement opens a link of communication, where FMTKD has to give a permission to its participants participating in another country this lets President Pineda (FMTKD) and Chavez (IME-TKD) have contact with each other much faster and makes sure the support given to each other is of high quality, work, and respect.

IME-TKD is grateful to President Master Reymundo Pineda for his confidence and support to IME-TKD.

We are working on club individual memberships to IME-TKD & FMTKD for all studios in the USA and their athletes so that you can also participate in Olimpiada National 2017 and other events taking place in Mexico.

A page will be added to this website with more information on memberships.