For more information please contact Team Director Master Rocky Negrete:

626-322-6070 or

Please view available divisions first, to register please make payment first and save confirmation then register for event

***Procedure, rules and regulations may be subject to change, depending on information and requirements provided by CONADE, IME and Federacion Mexicana de Taekwondo. The sponsorship given to TEAM IME-TKD will also be according to funds given by CONADE & IME.


Here you will find information about the procedures for making TEAM ME-TKD for 2018. Team members, you will find that in the procedures you have benefits that you can gain, but with some requirements.

Rules and Regulations

Please review the following rules and regulations so that all athletes and parents follow all. IF any rules are broken a suspension can be given for miss conduct. 

How to register:

1. Become an ME-TKD Member

2. Register for 2019 US OPEN TKD

3. Complete payment and copy confirmation

4. Fill in and submit Code of Conduct 

5. Register for 2019 IME-TKD Evaluation

SRE & IME does not make themselves responsible and release themselves of all liabilities attached with these memberships.